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  • https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2024/07/21/open-convention-democrats-biden-drop-out/

    “How Democrats would pick a new candidate if Biden drops out, step by step”

    One [possibility] is a virtual vote that would lock in a new nominee in early August, and the other is an “open” convention, a scenario the party hasn’t experienced since 1968.
    A convention is open when no candidate arrives with a clear majority of delegates, so the event turns into a mini-primary in which contenders scramble to persuade delegates to vote for them…
    Some states have August deadlines to get on the ballot for the general election, and early voting begins in some places in September. So party leaders probably would try to settle the nomination before the Democratic National Convention begins Aug. 19.

    There are two types of Democratic delegates. Pledged delegates commit to supporting the candidate state voters chose, although a “good conscience” clause in the party’s rules gives them a bit of wiggle room.

    Automatic delegates, often called superdelegates, are the party’s highest-profile leaders. They have the role because of the offices they hold (or held), and the group includes former presidents and vice presidents, Democratic governors, members of Congress and party officials. They are not pledged to any candidate and are not allowed to vote on the first ballot at the convention.

  • Anything could happen. Most likely is the elected delegates will decide at the convention (edit: when you vote for “Biden,” you are basically voting for who the delegates that will elect him will vote for, so you still elected those delegates). Redoing a primary before then would be next to impossible. Takes weeks or months to get signatures to get on the ballot, then you need time to recruit staff to work the polls, etc.

  • I don’t understand how it’s dishonest. Polling has shown that a majority of Americans, including a majority of democrats, think Biden should step aside. To say his support “tanked” after the debate would be dishonest. To say he’s facing unprecedented and constantly growing pressure is legit though. Every single day, a record number of people call on him to drop out. Okay, maybe it’s 2 federally elected officials in a day. That’s still more than have ever called on a POTUS to drop out of a reelection campaign publicly.